Begger Jokes

Mother was scolding his daughter...

Look behave yourself and amend your ways, else I will marry you to a beggar...
Right then a voice came from outside: "should I wait or leave!!" gringringrin
One day a man saw a beggar on the street. He went to him and said 
"If you stop begging I will pay you Rs 1000 per month".
In reply the begger said "Come and beg with me and I will pay you Rs5000 per month.. gringringrin
Traveler: "why you are begging, do some work?"

Beggar: "sir, my whole day goes into begging, don't have time for any other work!!" gringringrin
A beggar knocked at a Man door and said. 
Give me some money 
Man : I have no money.
Beggar: You can give me some atta (flour).
Man : there is no atta left.
Beggar. Then give me an old shirt or pajama.
Man : I have no shirt or pajama - old or new.
"In that case replied the beggar, 'you come 
with me and we can go begging together " gringringrin
A Lady to Beggar : I have seen u somewhere..
but can't remember....!!

Beggar : Oh Madam,
You forgot, We are friends on Facebook...!! gringringrin
Beggar : Sir, I am not a ordinary beggar! I have written a book "100 Easy Ways to Earn Money..!

Traveler : Then why you are begging..?

Beggar : Because this is the easiest way out of those 100 ways told in the book..! gringringrin
Beggar : Give me food..
Man : I'll give you vodka and cigarettes..
Beggar : I don't drink.. I don't smoke..
Man : Will take you to the races..
Beggar : I don't gamble..
Man : I will get you a Girlfriend..
Beggar : No..! I love only my wife..
Man : I'll give food, but first you have to come to my House..
Beggar : Why..?
Man : I want my Wife to see what state people get into when they don't Drink, Smoke,
Gamble and only Love their wifes.. gringringrin
Beggar : Sir.. please give me Rs. 10 For coffee..

Man : Coffee.? It's Rs. 5 only..

Beggar : One for my girlfriend..!

Man : Wow..! you too made a girlfriend.?

Beggar : No sir, girlfriend made me a beggar.. gringringrin
Only 20% boys have brains.
So what do the rest have..?
They have girl friends.. gringringrin
Beggar: "hey man! give me 1 rupee I have  not eaten in 3 days!"

Traveler: "you have not eaten in 3 days then 1 rupee will not make any change!"

Beggar: "I will check my weight, want to know how much I lost in three days!" gringringrin