Begger Jokes

Beggar (to Mr. Willson): "I have been separated from my family, I need 150 rupees to meet them!"

Mr. Willson: "where is your family?"

Beggar: "they are watching a movie in multiplex!!"  gringringrin
Traveler: "why you are begging, it is a bad thing!"

Beggar: "have you ever been into begging?"

Traveler: "no!"

Beggar: "then, how can you say, it is a bad thing!!: gringringrin
Beggar: Can you spare a hundred so I can 
buy a loaf of bread? Passerby: Bread 
doesn't cost a hundred!
Beggar: I know, I'm expecting some company. gringringrin
whats is similar in work of software and beggar...?
A beggar meets another beggar. 
A software engineer meets another software engineer.
Both of them ask the same question to each other:"
So, which platform are you working on? gringringrin
A Girl was sitting on a park bench.
Funny Beggar: Hi Darling...!
She angrily: How dare you call me darling....?
Beggar: Then what are you doing on my bed.... gringringrin
Once a King and a Beggar with same face ask 
the beggar-"Did your mother work in our palace?"
Beggar-"No, my father was servant there....." gringringrin
A Beggar Found Rs 100/-
He Went To A 5 Star Hotel For Dinner...
Bill Rs. 3000/-
He was unable to pay..
Manager Handed Him To Police..

He Gave Rs. 100/- To Policeman & Free...
Its Called FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Without MBA.. gringringrin
Height of literacy..

A policeman saw a beggar crying..

Policeman : What's the matter..?

Beggar : Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space.. gringringrin