Girl Boy Jokes

Boy: "download the "Whatsapp"!"

Girl: "how?"

Boy: "go to Play Store and download from there!"

Girl: "there is no Play Store in my village!!" gringringrin
Boy : How many apples can you eat in empty stomach?
Girl : I can eat 6 apples.
Boy : you can eat only 1 apple in empty stomach because when you eat 
         the 2nd apple that's not in empty stomach.
Girl : Wow.. super joke I'll tell my friend.
Girl to Other Girl : How many apple can you eat in empty stomach? 
Other Girl : I can eat 10.
Girl : Mad, If you told 6 i'll tell you a joke
...............Really girls are so intelligent..! gringringrin
GIRL: I Have A Question For You.
BOY: Alright, Ask Me. 
GIRL: What Do You See When You 
Look In My Eyes?
BOY: You Honestly Wanna Know? 
GIRL: Yeah !!……
BOY: My Future gringringrin
 A boy is in love with a girl and often looks at her...

One day he said to girl: "I love you"!

Girl replies: "if I say "me too" then how would you feel?"

Boy: "darling, I will die of happiness!"

Girl looks around and says: "Ok, I won't say! live your life!!" gringringrin
Girl : Which Laptop do u have..?

Boy : I have a HP G-62 with Intel core i3 processor 2.3 Ghz,
Windows 7, 64 bit..
2 Gb RAM & Intel 2 Gb graphics Card..

And Which laptop do u have...?

Girl : I have a pink one..
2 guys were following two girls..
Both girls took rakhi and tied to their hands..
1st guy - what we do now..
2 nd guy - you marry my sister and i will marry your sister..
Guys rocks girls shocks gringringrin
Girl : If you are sleeping send me your dreams!
       If you are awake send me your memories,
       if you crying send me your tears,
       if you reading this message then send me your reply,
Boy : I am in toilet, What i send? gringringrin

Respect her,

Honor her,

Love her,

Protect her,

Care For her,

Obey her,

Sacrifice for her?.


Just smile once (Game Over) gringringrin
Girl: Would you like to be the Sun of my life?
Boy: Awwww. Yes.
Girl: Then stay 149,600,000 km away from me! gringringrin
Boy in restaurant sees a girl sitting.

Boy asks politely : Is this seat empty?

Girl(furiously):Yes.! And once you sit on it, my seat would also be empty! gringringrin