Girl Boy Jokes

Girl : How many times you shave in a day.
Boy : 30 to 40 time.
Girl : Are you mad..?
Boy : I am not.. I am
a barbar gringringrin
Girl - Nice Mobile. Where Did U Buy?
Boy - I Won Dis In A Running Race.
Girl - How Many People Participated?
Boy - MOBILE OWNER, POLICE And ME. gringringrin
Boy: "Do you know what really amazes me about you?" 
Girl: "No.What?" 
Boy: "Oops. Sorry. I was thinking about someone else!"  gringringrin
Boy: What do you think, how do I play Guitar..?
Girl: I wish you were on T.V.
Boy: I am so happy to hear that, Am I that Good..? 
Girl: Ummm.. Not really, if you were on T.V. I can at least switch it off gringringrin

Respect her,

Honor her,

Love her,

Protect her,

Care For her,

Obey her,

Sacrifice for her?.


Just smile once (Game Over) gringringrin
When a boy loves truly he behaves like a child!!
BUT!!!! .
When a girl loves truly she behaves like a mother! gringringrin
Boy Brought Present for His Girl Friend
Girl :(After Opening)What the Hell is it.....
      Would I Do With this Diwali Rocket?
Boy : U Wanted Stars, Now Sit On It and Get Lost...!! gringringrin
Boy and girl in restaurant
Boy: I love you
Girl: I don't love you
Boy: Think again..?
Girl: No no and no
Boy: waiter, bring separate bills.
Girl: ok ok....  I love you too. gringringrin
Epic conversation on facebook chat:

Boy: Call me darling..
GirL: Darling...

Boy: Call me honey..
Girl: Honey.

Boy: For God's sake, 'CALL ME' you idiot...!
Girl: Oh ok ok...!! gringringrin
Girl :
My Heart Is Like A Mobile
And You Are The Sim Card

I am Very Happy...

Don't be Too Happy...
If I Get A New Offer
I Will Change The Sim Card...! gringringrin