Interview Jokes

Interviewer to Millionaire : "To whom do you owe your success as a millionaire.?"
Millionaire : "I want to owe everything for my wife."

Interviewer : "Wow, she must be some woman."
Interviewer : "What were you before you married her.?"
Millionaire : "A Billionaire" gringringrin
A correspondent asked a famous story writer: "how you spend your day?"

Story writer: "I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning and go for a walk after taking bath, 

when I return, I read newspaper after having breakfast,

and  for a while I go for a walk with my kids,

and go to bed after that."

Correspondent: "there are number of stories written by you. when you write the stories?"

Story writer replies patiently: "that I write the next day!"

Bank Manager : What is your qualification..?
Man : I'm a Ph.d  .
Bank Manager : What do you mean by Ph.d ..?
Man : Passed High School with Difficulty.. gringringrin
A cute nurse came for the interview.
Doctor : What salary do you expect?
Nurse : 10,000
Doctor was overjoyed and said : My pleasure..
Nurse : With pleasure it's 25,000.. gringringrin