Kids Jokes

A kid wrote about class rooms..

Class Rooms like a train

1st Two Benches are Reserved For V.I.P..

Nxt Two Benches are General coach


Last Two Benches are Very Demanded.

Because Its "SLEEPER COACH" gringringrin
Naughty Kid : "Hello.! Do you have a refrigerator.?"
Man : Yes, I have. Who are you..?
Kid : "Is it running..?"
Man : "Yes."
Kid : "Get hold of it.... Otherwise it might run away.."
The man slams down the phone..
After a few minutes the phone bell rings again..
Naughty kid : "Hello..! Do you have a refrigerator.?"
Man(Angrily) : "No, I don't have."
Kid : "Didn't I tell you to hold it..?" gringringrin
A lady asks her friend...
Lady : Wherever we keep the money, our son steals it. I don't know what to
do about it, where do I keep the money..?
Friend : Keep it in his Books. He never touches them... gringringrin
A Sweet demand by a kid.
A kid was beaten by his mom.
Dad came and asked :- what happen son.?
Kid said :- I can't adjust with your wife anymore,
I want my own. gringringrin
Mom to her 7 year old kid 
lets practice maths ok.? 
let's start with addition. 
Example :
Your GF gave you 2 candy and 2 ice cream 
What's your answer.? 
Boy : Love you Jaanu..! gringringrin