Lalu Jokes

Lady reporter: Mr.Lalu, divorce cases are rising in our country,
what do you think!what is the reason behind it?"

Lalu: "marriage!" gringringrin
Laloo to policeman: Why is it written everywhere "Drive Slow" ?

Funny Policeman: Because there is no hospital nearby. gringringrin
Mayawati visits his friends Lalu with a goat...

Lalu: "why you have come with a buffalo..?"

Mayawati: "can't you see..? its a goat!"

Lalu: "I asked the goat, not you!!"
what is the difference between watch and wife?

Lalu: "an impaired watch stops!! and an impaired wife starts!!"

Rabri Devi: "yesterday night,you was drunk and fell into a pothole!"

Lalu: "what to tell! it is all due to bad company! we were 4 friends with 1 bottle and
the three idiots don't drink!!"

Lalu yadav was taking bath,

Rabri : "what is this, dear, why are you applying shampoo to your shoulders along with hair?
have you gone mad!"

Lalu : "You have gone mad, your dad has gone mad and your whole family is mad! 
can't you see? It is written on the shampoo bottle "Head & Shoulder!"  gringringrin