Mother Son Jokes

Mother talking to her son...

Mother: "Have you cleaned the fridge?"

Son: "Yes, it is done, the ice cream in the fridge was very delicious!" gringringrin
Boy whispers to his mom during a wedding..
Boy : "Mommy..?"
Mom : "What..?"
Boy : "Why is the girl dressed in white..?"
Mom : "Because this is the happiest day of her life...!"
Boy : "That's why is the boy dressed in black" gringringrin
Mother: "dear son, what are you doing?"
Son: "I am reading!"
Mother: "very good, what are you reading?"
Son: "story of the movie of spider man!" gringringrin
Son : mom, yesterday when i was on bus with dad, dad told me to 
give up my seat to a lady.
Mom : Good, you have done right thing.
Son : but mom I was sitting on dad's lap. gringringrin
Papu was crying while returning from the school...

His mother asked: "what happened, why are you crying?"
Papu said; "the teacher has beaten me badly!"

Mother: "you must have done something mischievous!"
Papu replied while crying: "I didn't do anything mischievous, I was just sleeping quietly in the class!"   

A kid is talking to his mother...

Kid: "mother, give me 10 rupees, I want to help the poor."
Mother came outside and didn't find anyone...

Mother: "Where is the poor!"
Kid: "look over there, the poor fellow is selling ice cream in the scorching sun!" gringringrin