Peter Simon Jokes

Peter : could I see the engineering college girls if I climb on a coconut tree...?

Simon: Yes, and after reaching the top, release your hands then you could see 
the medical college girls, too..!! gringringrin
Peter has three swimming pools at his home...

Simon asked: "what is the need of three swimming pools?"

Peter: "one has cold water for summers, the second has hot water for the winters!"

Simon: "why the third one is empty?"

Peter: "sometimes, I don't like to swim!!"

An frenchman and Peter inside the toilet. Frenchman - Good evening, Comment ├žava..?
(mean - how do you do)
Peter - Good evening,nous ouvrons le fichier zip et faisons! (mean - we open the zip and do) gringringrin
Peter was browsing through the old family photo album...

Peter: "mom, who is this smart guy with you!"

Mom: "he is your dad!"

Peter: "then, why you are living with this bald man!!" gringringrin
Peter bought a guava and finds a worm in guava while eating it...

Peter (to fruit-seller): "there is a worm in it!"

Fruit-seller: "It is just matter of luck, may be next time you get a motorcycle!!"

 Peter's wife expires!"

Simon consoles Peter and asks : "tell me if you need anything?"

Peter : "quickly, give me a laptop!"

Simon : "for what?"

Peter : "need to change my relationship status to "single..!" gringringrin
Peter takes his wife to doctor...

Doctor: "what happened? why she is bleeding?"

Peter: "she often fights with me!...

I asked her "why you keep fighting with me?"

She said: "fighting increases love!"

Doctor: "then?"

Peter: " then what! I punched her twice!!" gringringrin
Peter to a fruit juice seller...
quickly give me a glass of juice, fight is going to start...
After drinking juice...
Give me one more glass, fight is going to start...
After drinking that glass...
Give me one more, fight is just going to start...
Fruit juice seller: "when the fight will start...???"
Peter: "when you ask to pay for the juice!!" gringringrin
Peter - why are all these people running?
Simon - This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
Peter -if only winner will get cup, why are others running? gringringrin
Ques : Why was Peter writing the exam near the door?
Ans : Because it was an entrance exam. gringringrin