Peter Simon Jokes

SLAM BOOK filled by Peter.
1.Strenght : My Wife, Sweety.
2.Weakness : Simon's wife, Beauty.
3.Opportunity : When Simon is on tour.
4.Threat : When I am on tour. gringringrin
Peter was filling up application form. He was not sure as to what was to be filled in the column.. 
Salary Expected.. 
After much thought he wrote : Yes. gringringrin
A hole in Peter's umbrella someone asked to Peter why are you carry Umbrella that have a hole.
Peter : Oye, how can i know that if rain is stop. gringringrin
Peter wears tie and coat, climbs a tree and sits on the branch regularly.
Simon asks why you does this.
Peter : I have been promoted as branch manager. gringringrin
What does Peter do after taking a Xerox..?
He compares it with the original for any spelling mistakes. gringringrin
Peter is buying a Television. Do you have color Television.
The Shopkeeper says "Yes".
Peter Says : Give me a green one please. gringringrin
Peter meets his friend :
who has started wearing ear rings in his ear.

He asks 'Since when did u start wearing earrings..?'

Peter :
ever since my wife found them in my car..!!! gringringrin
Peter : Can you give an example of COINCIDENCE?"   
Simon : my Mother and Father got married on the same day
       and at the same time. gringringrin
Peter called on FM radio Station &

I’ve found a purse with Rs.15000/- a credit card &
an ID card of Mr.Smith new
road, Washington...

Radio Jockey: How honest you are,
so you want to return his purse?

Peter : no.. I just wanted to
dedicate a sad song for
him...! gringringrin
Peter to Simon : What will you do with a 100 Rs. lying on the road?
Will you keep it?

Simon : No, Of course not.

Peter : Then what will you do with it?

Simon : I will spend it.