Peter Simon Jokes

Simon : "I like you so much!"

Girl: "do you know my sandal size?"

Simon: "oh, look at this girl, started demanding before starting the friendship!!"  gringringrin
Peter goes to doctor with a worried face...

Peter: "doctor, I pee at 6 o'clock in the morning and then defecate at 7 o'clock!"

Doctor: "then what is the problem?"

Peter: "but, I wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning!!" gringringrin
Peter to a Lady
Peter : What is name of your car..?

Lady : I don't remember the name but it's start with "T"

Peter : Wow.. it's fantastic your car start with T(tea) and my car start with Petrol. gringringrin
Peter was sitting relaxed and calm...

Simon (to Peter): "do some work!"

Peter (to Simon): "I don't work in summers!"

Simon: "and, in winters?"

Peter: "I wait for summers!!"
Simon's boss came in one morning and caught Simon hugging his secretary. He said in a rage,
Is this what you get paid for?

Simon told him, Nope, I do this for free. gringringrin
Peter disconnected the door bell. Why..?
Because he wanted to win the No-bell prize.  gringringrin
Peter to his servant : Go and water the plants.
Servant : It is already raining.
Peter : So what, take an umbrella and go gringringrin
A hole in Peter's umbrella someone asked to Peter why are you carry Umbrella that have a hole.
Peter : Oye, how can i know that if rain is stop. gringringrin
Peter : Can you give an example of COINCIDENCE?"   
Simon : my Mother and Father got married on the same day
       and at the same time. gringringrin
Peter : Can you tell me the good way to remember wife's 
Simon : It's very easy, Just forget it once! gringringrin