Peter Simon Jokes

Nurse came out with the newborn kid, Peter rushed to her and,
after seeing the kid he shouted, Son's Son.
She slapped him : Leave my Finger, You Fool,
It's a girl.. gringringrin
Titanic was sinking.
A man asked Peter, How far is land..?
Peter : 2 KMs..
Man : Jumped into sea.
Man : Now, Which direction..?
Peter : Downwards..! gringringrin
Peter : Yesterday the police arrested me for tampering with the ATM..
Simon : What did you do..?
Peter :  It asked me to enter the PIN and I inserted a Safety pin.. gringringrin
Peter's kid falls ill... 

Doctor: "boil properly before giving water to your kid!"

Peter shouts: "oye, shut up! my kid will die of boiling!!"  gringringrin
Scientist: "we have found ice and water on moon!"

Peter (the assistant): "so now we need only whisky and salted peanuts!" gringringrin
In an African Safari, A LION suddenly bounced on Peter's wife.
Wife : Shoot him! Shoot him!
Peter : Yes, Yes... I'm changing the battery of my camera.. gringringrin
Peter's wife dies. He is calm, but his wife's lover is crying furiously.
finally, Peter consoles him : Don't worry buddy, I will marry again. gringringrin
Peter(romantically) : Baby wanna say you something.
Wife : It's not good manners to talk while eating...
(After eating)
Wife : Now tell...
Peter : Baby there was a cockroach in your food.. gringringrin
Peter called his doctor's office for an appointment...

Receptionist :  I'm Sorry, we can't fit you in for at least two weeks.

Peter : But I could be dead by then..!

Receptionist replied : No problem.. If your wife lets us know,
we'll cancel the appointment.. gringringrin