Politician Jokes

After Coffee with Karan..
Star World is planning for:
Tea with Modi,
Cerelac with Rahul
Cough Syrup with Kejriwal. gringringrin
A politician was shouting while addressing a gathering: "everyone should get everything!...

whatever you like take it! if you are hungry loot the restaurant and if you are feeling cold loot the garment
shop for a well knitted  coat for yourself!"

After finishing the speech the politician came down from the stage and shouted...

"Oh, who took my cycle!!" gringringrin
Late one night in Washington, D.C, 
a mugger jumped a well-dressed man 
and held a gun to his ribs.
Give me your money! he demanded. 
The man stiffened, but said indignantly, 
You can not do this to me ? I am a 
U. S. Congressman!
In that case, replied the robber, 
give me my money..! gringringrin
Boyfriend: "if you come with me you don't need to pay while shopping and watching movie!"

Girlfriend: "don't be Kejriwal!"

USA - If you attack us, we will attack you.

Israel - If you attack us, we will demolish you.

India - If you attack us, we will not play Cricket with you. gringringrin