Sardar Jokes

Sardar was lying on beach,
American : Are you Relaxing?
Sardar : No I am Gopal Singh.. 
Another American : Are you relaxing?
Sardar : No
I m gopal Singh..
Another American : Are you relaxing?
Sardar : No (Shouting)
I m gopal Singh
Sardar left that place in anger.
Then Sardar asks one American lying nearby
Are you relaxing..?
American : Yes.
Sardar slaps him & says, everyone are searching for you and you are lying down here!! gringringrin
Two Sardars were walking across the forest!

A lion appeared in front of them!

One of them picked up a fistful of soil and thrown  into the eyes of the lion and started running!
The other one kept standing there!

The first one shouted: "Hey, Run!"
The other one replied: "why should I run!" It is you who blinded the lion, not me!"
Once upon a time, 19 sardars went to watch a movie
At movie hall, the attendant checked their movie tickets 
and allowed them to enter one by oneā€¦

Attendant laughed and asked them, 

why, "19 sardars together for a movie?"

One of the sardars replied innocently...
why, you have mentioned in the movie-poster, "under 18 not allowed!"
Sardar to his friend :
I kiss my wife everyday before i go to office & u?

Friend: i kiss ur wife after u go to office.
Sardar: ha ha ha.. i'm the first. gringringrin
Sardar went to a restaurant...
A nepali was preparing the meal there... 

Sardar asked the nepali: "are you an american!"
Nepali: "No,Sir,I am a nepali."

Sardar: "No,you are an american!"
Nepali: "NO, I am a nepali."

Sardar: "NO,you are an american!"
Nepali: "Ok sir, I am an american!"

Sardar: "but,you look nepali!"
Three sardars accidentally locked themselves in their car...

First one said: "lets get out through the bonnet."

Second one said: "No,we should move out through the boot space."

Third one: "whatever you are planning,do it fast, it is going to rain and we are in a topless car!"
A sardar was very tense and sad!

Someone asked him: "Why are you so tense and sad?"

Sarder replied sadly: "One of my friends has borrowed 2 lakh rupees from me for plastic surgery!"

But, after plastic surgery, how, I will recognize him!"
A sardar with heavy luggage, talking to a rickshaw puller!

Sardar asked: "How much for railway station?"
Rickshaw puller: "50 rupees".

Sardar: "take 20 rupees".
Rickshaw puller: "who will pull the rickshaw to railway station for just 20 rupees!"

Sardar: "I will pull, you just sit in the backseat!"
Sardar and Sardarni were waiting for the train to Bombay at railway platform...

Suddenly,the train arrived with "Bombay Mail" written on it...

Sardar rushed towards the train to board the train and shouted at sardarni,
"be ready to board the "Bombay Female"  when it arrives."
A speeding bus suddenly came to a halt when the driver slammed the brakes...

A sardar travelling in the bus lost his balance and fell upon a girl...

Girl furiously shouted at sardar: "what are you doing!"

Sardar: "I am doing B.Com from Oxford University!"