Sardar Jokes

A Sardar learning English and introduces his family in the party:

Hi..! I am Sardar,
This is my Sardarni,
He is my kid,
and... she is my kidney. gringringrin
Five sardars were travelling by a motorcycle...

A traffic policeman spotted them and signaled to stop the motorcycle...

One of the sardars got furious and shouted at the traffic policeman,
"we are already tightly packed,take lift from  someone else!"
Sardar Wrote BILL GATES
About PC & WINDOWS Problems
1- My Child Learned
MS WORD Now He Wants
2 - Find Only RE-CYCLE
I Need It, As I Owe A Vespa Scooter
3 - I See MS OFFICE But I
Need MS HOME, As I Use PC At Home
4 - Finally, How's that your Name Is GATES But
You are Selling WINDOWS.. gringringrin