School Jokes

    School Life :
 Most Irritating Moments
  - Morning Alarm
 Most Difficult Task
  - To find Socks
 Most Dreadful Journey
  - Way to Class
 Most Lovely Time
  - Meeting Friends
 Most Tragic Moments
  - Surprise Test in 1st Period
 Most Wonderful News
  -Teacher is Absent gringringrin
Truth of School life--
A first bench student knows the Answer of every Problem..
The last bench student knows how to face every Problem..! gringringrin
School Weeks---

Monday - Ugh.. it's Monday
Tuesday - Well at least it's Tuesday
Wednesday - Wow, it's already Wednesday
Thursday - Hey, tomorrow's Friday..!
Friday - Yes Weekend..!
Saturday - Party--
Sunday - CRAP tomorrow's Monday gringringrin
         ---SCHOOL VS COLLEGE---

1. School - One pair dress for 7 days
   College - 7 pair dress for one day
2. School - 2 copy for one subject
   College - 1 Copy for all subject
3. School - A white pipe in teacher's hand(chalk)
   College - A white pipe in student's hand(cigarette)
4.School - Most frequent letter, leave letter
   College - Most frequent letter, love letter gringringrin