Teacher Student Jokes

Teacher asked the student: "tell, who was Shah Jahan?"

Student: "sir, he was a laborer!"

Teacher: "how?"

Student: "you  had said that Shah Jahan had built various buildings!!" 

Teacher asked the student: "what is your father's name?"

Student replied: "Son Peter!"

Teacher: "is he your son?"

Student: "no! grandmother calls him by this name!" gringringrin
Teacher (to John): "you can't be punished for what you did today!"

John: "thank you sir! today, I forgot to do my homework!!" gringringrin
Teacher: "Tom, where is river Ganges?"

Tom: "it is on earth!"

Teacher: "I am asking where it is in the map?"

Tom: "sir, how it could be in the map! the map will melt!" gringringrin
Teacher: "well done Peter! you have scored the highest marks! keep it up!"

Peter: "ok sir, you also keep printing the question papers in my brother's printing press!!" gringringrin
Teacher: "how you prove that people who eat green vegetables have excellent eyesight?"

Student: "sir, no one has ever seen a cow or horse wearing glasses!!" gringringrin
Teacher: "you are a big idiot! at your age I was able to read the book!"

Student: "sir, your teacher must be intelligent!"  gringringrin
Little Sam (on phone): My son is having high fever and he won't be able to come to school today.
Teacher: Who is this?
Little Sam: This is my father speaking..! gringringrin
Teacher : One day our country will be corruption free,
which tense it is ??
Student : Future Impossible tense..!
Student got Buuuuuuuuummmmmm......!!!!! gringringrin
Professor : Chemical symbol of Barium..?
Student : BA

Professor : For sodium..?
Student : NA

Professor : What will we get if 1 atom of BA and 2 atoms of NA combined..?
Student : BANANA..! gringringrin