Teacher Student Jokes

Teacher: "railway fare has increased too much even then there is continuous rise in the number of
passengers! What is the reason behind this?"

Student: "the reason is that a common thinks it is wise to travel this year before the railway fair
increases next year!!"
Teacher: "what is the average death rate in our country?"

Sonu: "100%!"

Teacher: "how, tell me!"

Sonu: "whoever takes birth here dies at the end!" gringringrin
Teacher (to Sonu): "Sonu, tell me who wrote this inscription?"

Sonu replied frightened: "I have not written Sir! I have just arrived!" gringringrin
Teacher: "people who use their brain too much gradually lose their hair!"

Student: "right sir! that's why the girls don't have mustaches as they talk too much!!"  gringringrin
Teacher (to student): "if I see some boy beating a donkey and stops him then
what this act of kindness should be called?"

Student: "brotherhood"! gringringrin
Teacher: "who is remembered after death?"

Student: "someone who has not cleared his/her debt!!" gringringrin
Teacher (to student): "it seems, this question has made you stressed?"

Student: "no sir, question is clear, actually it is the answer who has made me stressed!"  gringringrin
Teacher asked the students: "can anyone see in dark?"

One of the students replied: "yes sir, my mother can see in dark!"

Teacher: "how?"

Student: "yesterday, in a dark movie hall she was saying to my father
"your beard has grown too much!"  gringringrin
Teacher asked the students: "those who want to go to heaven, raise hand!"

All students raised hands but Tom didn't...

Teacher: "Tom! you don't want to go to heaven?"

Tom: "no sir, I don't want!"

Teacher: "why?"

Tom: "mom said to come directly home right after school else she would beat me badly!" gringringrin
 Teacher: "what is dowry?"

Student: "it is the encouragement money that is given to a body
when he gets ready to bear a girl throughout his life!!" gringringrin