Teacher Student Jokes

Teacher : Sam..! Make a sentence using Neither-Nor.
Sam : When girls wear tight fitting dresses, NEITHER, are they
comfortable, NOR are we..! gringringrin
Teacher: Can u tell the name of 3 great kings
who have brought happiness & peace into student's lives?

Student :
Bun-KING gringringrin
Physics Teacher: What is this measurable unit "ยต" called?
Student : Torrent..... gringringrin
Teacher : Google is a girl or a boy..?
Student : Google is a Girl..... because it won't let you complete
the whole sentence and start guessing, suggesting..... and
you ask only one question.....
but get hundreds of irrelevant answers in seconds... gringringrin
Teacher :
Tomorrow There Will Be A Lecture On Sun.
Everyone Must Attend It.

No..! I Will Not Be Able To Attend It..

Teacher :

John :
My Mother Will Not Allow Me To Go So Far...!! gringringrin
Teacher fell asleep in class and a little naughty boy walked up to him,

Little boy : Teacher are you sleeping in class..?

Teacher : No I am not sleeping in class.

Little boy : What were you doing sir..?

Teacher : I was talking to God.
The next day the naughty boy fell asleep in class and the same teacher walks up to him...
Teacher : young man, you are sleeping in my class..

Little boy : No not me sir, I am not sleeping....

Angry teacher : What were you doing.??

Little boy : I was talking to God.

Angry teacher : What did He say..?? gringringrin
Teacher : John, Why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor..? 

John : You told me to do it without using "TABLES" gringringrin
Teacher : What is brain like..
Student  : Brain is like the Bermuda triangle..!
Information goes in and then its never found again.. gringringrin
Teacher - Tell me the name of this bird by seeing it's legs only..

Student - I don't know...

Teacher - You failed, what's your name

Student - See... my legs & tell my name.. gringringrin
Teacher : What is a skeleton.?
Student : Sir, skeleton is a person who started dieting but forgot to stop it.. gringringrin