Woman Jokes

What are the three quickest ways of spreading a rumour (or gossip).
Tell a woman gringringrin
Two women met after a long time..

First woman: "how you broke the finger sucking habit of your kid?"

Second woman: "I did  nothing special! I just sewed a loose pant for him and now his hands are busy
holding the pant!"  gringringrin
Women are like Internet virus.
They enter your life, Scan your pockets,
transfer your money, edit your mind,
download there problem, delete your smile
and hang you forever. gringringrin
Once there were three Ladies..
First Lady : My husband's hair color is Black, So i will wear Black Dress for tomorrow Party.
Second Lady : My husband's hair color is Yellow, So i will wear yellow Dress for tomorrow Party.
Third Lady questioned : My Husband is bald, So what should I...??? gringringrin
Lady1 - What is the gender of Computer..?
Lady2 - Don't know.
Lady1 - Male.. even the best are unreliable and insecure gringringrin
A pregnant lady went to an astrologer..
Astrologer : When u delivers a baby, baby's father will die..
Lady : Thank god..! 
My husband is safe gringringrin
A woman visited a Doctor..
Woman : Doctor, I have a problem. I am..
Doctor : I know your problem. You always dream that you have become a horse, right..?
Woman : How do you know..?
Doctor : Your pony tail hair style.. gringringrin